5 Ways To Improve Loading Dock Effeciency


How important is loading dock efficiency? As a matter of fact, the act of loading and unloading freight plays a crucial part in the overall transportation process. Millennium Logistics Management provides us with 5 effective ways to improve loading dock efficiency.



The following are 5 tips to keep dock operations effective and protected:


Implement Light Communication Systems:

In large shipping operations, light indicators help the managers keep freight flowing. By putting lights on top of the dock doors to indicate the status of a truck, managers are alerted of whether a trailer is being serviced by a lift truck or a sitting idle (which is very useful).



Prioritize Equipment Maintenance:

It is important to practice regular maintenance in order to ensure the equipment is working properly. For less frequent delays, make sure forklifts and levelers are operational. A decrease in employee turnovers is attainable by having equipment that makes loading and unloading easier.



Take Advantage of technology:

We highly recommend the use of warehouse management systems because they can improve scheduling, staffing and overall facility productivity. Warehouse management systems are especially useful when they are integrated with a transportation management system (also known as TMS). You entire transportation process can be optimized by using the combination of these two systems.



Guide Trucks To The Dock:

Using bumpers, mirrors, wheel guides and reflective guides to help drivers who approach the dock door can save a lot of time. Besides saving time, guiding trucks to the dock will help the loading and unloading process go much more smoother because drivers are able to align their trailers in a much easier, faster, and effective manner.



Update Security Measures:

Unfortunately, the majority of company thefts take place during the shipping process and freight is especially vulnerable at the dock when trucks are left unattended. Security will vary depending on the type of facility you operate, however, make sure of two things; one is to always check that truck drivers have the proper paperwork in order and two, is to always use some type of freight tracking technology.



Loading dock efficiency plays a major role in overall transportation. Simply put, inefficient dock procedures lead to slower delivery times, higher transportation costs and most importantly, customer dissatisfaction. Efficiency at your facility is important regardless of the volume of the freight you ship therefore, by following these 5 tips you are sure to improve your own loading dock efficiency! For more information, make sure to contact Millennium Logistics Management.



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