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Who Pays for Free Shipping?

By Millennium Logistics Sep 11, 2016

"Free Shipping" is something you see advertised just about everywhere and something that seems more and more common each day. This has created a very competitive market, especially when smaller e-commerce merchandisers and traditional brick-and-mortar retailers have to compete with [...]

5 Questions You Should Ask When Selecting a 4PL

By Millennium Logistics Sep 4, 2016

  How do you choose the right fourth party logistics provider for your company? With so many options available, this task can seem overwhelming! To help with this process, Millennium Logistics Management has put together the following questions you should consider when talking [...]

5 Ways to Reduce Supply Chain Costs

By Millennium Logistics Aug 29, 2016

  In the supply chain industry, costs are unavoidable, it is simply part of the process. To maximize service at the lowest cost through process, technology and people, managed transportation service providers work to deliver transportation solutions. These solutions are an [...]

3 Signs Your Supply Chain is Inefficient

By Millennium Logistics Aug 21, 2016

  The design of an effective supply chain network is an essential part of any supplier's business strategy. All aspects of this design are important and must be monitored and adjusted at each and every opportunity to ensure an optimized [...]

3 Ways to Improve Warehouse Efficiency

By Millennium Logistics Aug 14, 2016

  Running a warehouse efficiently can be challenging. In fact, distribution center managers understand that their warehouses are not entirely optimal; warehouses lack resources and strategies to greatly improve operations. However, there are things you can do to increase productivity [...]

3 Common Supply Chain Mistakes to Avoid

By Millennium Logistics Aug 7, 2016

  It is no secret that supply chain mistakes are costly. Unfortunately though, they happen. Due to the pure size of a supply chain, the smallest error is magnified. For this reason, it is imperative for companies to maintain best [...]

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using A 4PL

By Millennium Logistics Jul 31, 2016

  It is a known and proven fact that Fourth-Party Logistics (4PL) and outsourcing of nearly every conceivable logistics function is a very effective strategy which provides immediate financial and operational performance efficiencies that assist companies to reduce costs and [...]

Why Your Business Should Consider Expedited Shipping

By Millennium Logistics Jul 24, 2016

  What is expedited shipping and how can your business benefit from it? Expedited shipping is the process of transferring freight in a much faster time than normal. Millennium Logistics Management explains why this process is beneficial and why your [...]

How to Handle Lost or Damaged Freight

By Millennium Logistics Jul 17, 2016

  In one way or another, shipping is a major part of everyone's life. There are various types of shipping, for different purposes, but one thing all types of shipping have in common is the fact that lost or damaged [...]

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