Category: Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Visibility

By Millennium Logistics Sep 19, 2019

  Supply Chain Visibility refers to understanding what goes on between the start and end of a process. With supply chain visibility, companies can analyze data and evaluate suppliers, processes and prices.   As an example, you turn a faucet [...]

Reduce Transportation Costs by Optimizing Your Last Mile Logistics

By Millennium Logistics Aug 22, 2019

When materials and components routinely cross thousands of miles in their supply chain, it seems implausible that the last tiny stretch of home delivery could pose a challenge or even increase your companies bottom line. However, last mile logistics presents [...]

How to be better prepared for Supply Chain Disruptions

By Millennium Logistics Aug 15, 2019

Supply chain disruptions are not a problem isolated to a few unlucky companies - every business that uses a supply chain will experience a disruption at some point. It may be small enough to work around easily, but it can also [...]

Benefits of Using a 4PL (4th Party Logistics) company

By Millennium Logistics Aug 1, 2019

Implementing a 4PL freight management system can bring clients many benefits including access to a uniform process via a transportation management system (TMS). Here are some of the other main advantages of using a 4PL company   Advantages of Outsourcing [...]

Controlling Supply Chain Costs

By Millennium Logistics Oct 15, 2016

To find reductions in supply chain costs, supply chain strategies have to align with customer expectations and business goals. Supply chain strategy gauges the cost-benefit trade-offs of operative components. Knowledge of your particular processes, requirements and needs is essential to [...]

Who Pays for Free Shipping?

By Millennium Logistics Sep 11, 2016

"Free Shipping" is something you see advertised just about everywhere and something that seems more and more common each day. This has created a very competitive market, especially when smaller e-commerce merchandisers and traditional brick-and-mortar retailers have to compete with [...]

5 Ways to Reduce Supply Chain Costs

By Millennium Logistics Aug 29, 2016

  In the supply chain industry, costs are unavoidable, it is simply part of the process. To maximize service at the lowest cost through process, technology and people, managed transportation service providers work to deliver transportation solutions. These solutions are an [...]

3 Signs Your Supply Chain is Inefficient

By Millennium Logistics Aug 21, 2016

  The design of an effective supply chain network is an essential part of any supplier's business strategy. All aspects of this design are important and must be monitored and adjusted at each and every opportunity to ensure an optimized [...]

3 Ways to Improve Warehouse Efficiency

By Millennium Logistics Aug 14, 2016

  Running a warehouse efficiently can be challenging. In fact, distribution center managers understand that their warehouses are not entirely optimal; warehouses lack resources and strategies to greatly improve operations. However, there are things you can do to increase productivity [...]

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