White Glove Services

Final & Last Mile Delivery

White Glove Services

What does White Glove mean:
Total Customer Satisfaction through Specialized Services.


A shipment or service becomes White Glove when it requires more than moving a carton or skid to or from the shipping or receiving area.

White Glove Services is viewed differently by users of such services.

Millennium has built a network of agents that offer different types of services based on their labor expertise and local equipment.

The value of Millennium Logistics to our customers is being the Single Source to manage the pickup and delivery to the client’s specifications.

Every manufacturer or distributor wants the end user to have an enjoyable experience regardless B2C or B2B.

Millennium’s expertise is in the B2B environment.


When Millennium’s customers hire us, it is because we excel in:

Attention to detail
Premium customer service

Millennium understands our services are a direct reflection of our customers reputation.


Millennium’s First/Last Mile Service Levels

Standard: regular pickup or delivery services
Basic White Glove: standard services plus unpacking with debris removal.
Premium White Glove: Specialized services with experienced laborers and equipment from the moving industry.
Elite White Glove: Highly trained and experience with the most sensitive moves.


The local moving industry is an irregular route operation that charges for their services using hourly rates with 4, 6 or 8 hour minimums. 





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