Other Services

We can help optimize your supply chain.

Other Services

Since 1998, Millennium Logistics Management has grown over the years providing all types of services in the supply chain to help our customers meet their objectives.


Our sales pitch over those many years has been “Give us a chance to fix your biggest supply chain headache to demonstrate how good we are.”


Please review our capabilities and give us your challenge.

Vendor Managed Inventory
Vendor Consolidation
Merge in transit specialists
Turnkey Deployments
Reverse Logistics
Field repairs/replacements
Lane sharing
Fulfillment Projects
Plant closing or relocations
Warehousing and distribution
Pick, pack and ship programs
Setting up a domestic distribution network
Return Goods Management
Turn Key Logistic solutions
Real time visibility of inventory while in transit
Freight Routing Optimization
Packaging Design
Store Fixture Rollouts
Asset Recoveries
ARMS – Asset Return Management System
MSCAN – Barcode scanning software
Certified Data Destruction and Disk Drive Degausing


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Does Millennium provide services throughout the 50 states.
Does Millennium have on line tracking?
How are carriers vetted?
Does Millennium provide crating and packaging services
Does Millennium provide cross dock and short term warehousing?
Does Millennium provide air ride and blanket wrap services?

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